Wikibuy Review – Find it is Legit or a Scam

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If you want to know about wikibuy reviews, first you need to know about wikibuy. So, let us brief you about its working and functionality.

Wikibuy is a new browser extension that gives users a platform to know the best price of the products they search online. You just need to install a free browser extension for Chrome, and that’s it. For all these information, they don’t require any extra time or extra efforts.

But many of the people have two-three common questions in their mind such as –

  • Is wikibuy safe?
  • Is wikibuy legit?
  • Do the rumors of wikibuy scams are correct? Etc.

In this Wikibuy review, we will provide you the answers of all the above questions.

We got mix reviews from the users relating to the safety of wikibuy. Our team is continuously researching regarding that and get to know that many users are not satisfied with it.

The most common issue amongst them is – ‘code.’ None of the code systems are working. They suggest that eBay is a better option than wikibuy as its prices are marked up, and you may save money also.

Sometimes, the orders also get canceled automatically. Some buyers also suggest that wikibuy sellers ship the purchases with the fake tracking number and the arrival date is also kept moving forward. By following up, they realized that the vendors do not respond ever. Yes, Amazon refunds the money (sometimes even without asking) but cancel the orders.

So as per our study, we suggest not to trust this extension, as even the wikibuy reviews are not proper concerning purchases. There are no money issues though! You will get the refund if the purchased items are not shipped.

Now let’s move forward to the Legit quarries of wikibuy Chrome extension. Many buyers suggest that it is legit regarding product’s purchase. However, there are some complaints that you may not get the best deals. And there are no such advantages in savings.

  • Wikibuy extension is also not available on the Google Chrome extension store. It is only available on their website. So this became another reason which causes the negative wikibuy reviews.
  • There are many other websites which are offering similar services to the users, but here they need to leave the current page and go to the other website to know further details.
  • Wikibuy gives the guarantee that all the purchases are directly concerned to wikibuy and done only by that. That is why customers can save their personal data and the payment information to the single website and can trust that the details are not going to share with other websites without asking them.

Apart from the comments of hardly 2% of buyers, all the other customers have negative reviews of wikibuy.

  • Most of the people suggest that wikibuy is a scam.
  • It does not accept any responsibility, that is why all people need to be aware.
  • Sometimes, on some purchases, they also charge 20% on refunds. Sometimes wikibuy don’t even cancel the order you have placed 5 minutes back.

So our suggestion to our readers is that you all should take care of your purchases and if possible, try to avoid the use of wikibuy Google Chrome extension.

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