Speedfixtool Review-Is it Safe or a Scam?

Is speed fix tool safe?

Speed fix tool is a service which increases the speed of your computer. We have seen many advertisers of it on Facebook and Google but exactly didn’t know what actually it is and what users say about it. So, we decided to get in deep and check the web as well as making an in-depth analysis of the software. Let’s check the speedfixtool review below.

The Speed Fix Tool is a PC software which claims to speed up your old and slow computer. It uses some latest and advanced tools to do this as mentioned on the site. It fixes small errors on your PC like registry errors, removing junk files, user related errors, etc. by scanning your computer.

Speedfixtool Review-Is it Safe or a Scam-

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For this, first, you need to download the software which is free. After that, click on scan tab and the software will start scanning the files and will fix the errors automatically if it finds any. You can use the free services only for a single scan, but if you actually want to scan your PC and completely remove the errors, then you need to purchase the premium version which is available for $39.97.


The software needs only 15MB of hard disk space and is compatible with all the Windows OS versions.

Features of Speed Fix Tool

As the company claims, the speed fix tool software provides a number of features. Let’s take a quick look at them.

  1. As you know, a database of all the settings and user data is stored on the PC and called as ‘Windows Registry.’ All the user customization and system settings, installed programs details, and all the other PC information stored in the Windows Registry. Sometimes old programs or the defective new versions of applications can cause the damage to the registry, and it slows down your PC performance. Speed Fix Tool scans the registry for any errors and fixes them if found.
  2. Speed Fix Tool scans the hard drive of your computer and shows you the error’s location and provide you a possible fixing solution for it; either repairing it or removing completely.
  3. It also defragments the registry and cleans it by fixing the errors. Thus lets you have easier access to the PC and makes it faster.
  4. You can also schedule the scans through the speed fix tool. So, if you forget to scan it manually, the tool will manually scan your PC and fix the errors if it finds them.
  5. It is 100% free from malware, viruses, and spyware which allows you to have worry-free download.

Pricing of Speed Fix Tool

There are two versions of speed fix tool; free and premium. The free version will fully scan your PC, but if you want actually to fix the errors found, then you will need to buy the premium version.

  • The one-year license is available for $39.97
  • The two-year license is available for $54.92

You cannot purchase the software for lifetime. So, depending on your requirements, you can subscribe for the one or two year’s license. The two-year license can be found in the FAQ section of the company’s website. The license cannot be renewed automatically, so you need to purchase it every time you want manually.

Speed Fix Tool – Is it safe or scam?

The company has published a lengthy blog post on the speed fix tool scam in which they have mentioned in the negative and positive reviews, what user have written and how they defend the product against the negative comments.

The main reason people have marked it as scam may be the advertisement the company gives online. They show the tool is a ‘free service’ and it actually is but only for download and scan. And if you actually want to fix and remove the errors, then you need to purchase the license. The pricings are clear on the company page though.

Another reason may be the scan it does. Sometimes it shows the errors that actually don’t present on the PC (but this can happen with every scanner) and so the problems are exaggerated on your PC. So it is difficult to say whether the errors or problems shown are real or not.

Registry errors are rare and don’t impact as much as the speed fix tool shows you. Also, the latest versions of Microsoft Windows have an inbuilt disk defragmentation software, so you need not buy it externally.

So, when Speed Fix Tools mention about the registry errors and ask to clean or fix them then you need not hurry to buy the software as unless the registry has a big mess, it will not have much effect on your PC’s performance.

So, the answer of is it safe, or scam relies on the thing depending on what you are looking for it and what you actually need for your PC.

Should you use Speed Fix Tool?

Friendly speaking, if you are paying about $40 for software for PC optimization, then you expect more than just fixing the registry errors from it. The Speed Fix Tool doesn’t remove spyware or malware from your PC. It will not protect your PC from viruses too. It is a to-the-point registry cleaner software only. So, unless you have a totally broken registry or whole fragmented disks on your older PC or getting too many blue screen errors on your monitor which affects your productivity, then you can avoid using this tool.

It will surely speed up your PC’s performance but to a small amount. You can also search for the alternatives, and if you really made your mind and have a couple of ten dollars you got in from man action-sale, then you can go and purchase this software.

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