How to Adjust Heads for a Pop-up Sprinkler

If you are here, that means you already have a smart sprinkler system for your garden or yard. Today, the pop-up sprinklers are most commonly used in the irrigation systems. Such smart systems help to save the water consumptions as well as save your water bills. To keep the savings on and to increase the amount, you need to take some necessary actions like adjusting the pop-up sprinkler head. If you have an Orbit lawn sprinkler system at home, then also you should know the steps for an orbit sprinkler adjustment. Check the post below to know about adjusting sprinkler heads without getting any professional help.

There are two things you can adjust; A) spray pattern and B) spray angle.

  • There are two things you can adjust; A) spray pattern and B) spray angle
  • First, note down the time of watering cycles so that you can adjust the sprinkler head while the watering is off. Or you can also shut off the sprinkler system while working on it.
  • Use a flat-headed screwdriver and slide it at the top of the sprinkler head and turn it. If you turn it counterclockwise, then you will get a wide spray pattern. It will also result in an increased amount of water discharging from the head as well as increase the distance of the water travel. The area in which the water spreads, is decreased, though. On the other hand, if you turn the screw head in a clockwise direction, it will decrease the distance of water travel and decrease the amount of water discharging from the sprinkler head. It will spread the water over a wide area.
  • On the base of the irrigation head, you will find a trip lever. Flip it upward to allow the water to be spread in full 360-degree angle. You can flip it down and make some arc adjustments to set the right or left distance for the head travel while spreading the water.
  • For making the left or right adjustment of the head travel, you need to adjust the arc adjustment ring. Pinch one end of it and rotate it left for the left travel, and pinch the other end and rotate it right for the right travel adjustment of the popup head.
  • You can get a rough idea of the water spreading area and distance by manually adjusting the head left or right.

Now, turn the lawn sprinkler system on if you had shut it down, or wait for the next watering cycle if you have done this work in between sprinkling cycles. Check the pattern and angle adjustments you have made, and if you found any necessary changes, do them by following the same steps mentioned above.


In the most of the irrigation systems, the popup sprinklers are used widely today. We know that popup sprinklers come with different types of head systems; from 30-degree to a full 360-degree rotation capability. If you do not have a 360-degree fan width in your sprinkler system and if the sprinkler head is going out of it alignment, then you need to adjust it by following the above steps. Such frequent adjustments will help you to stop wasting the water and save your water bills.


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